Gurus Educational Institute is an establishment committed to all around development of student’s astuteness with the overall point of empowering them to accomplish their life's goals. Our procedure spins around the center point of upgrading analytical, logical and technical thinking faculties of students to give them confidence to succeed in the competitive examinations, viz. IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, EAMCET. Execution of understudies is checked consistently amid the session over a scope of parameters to empower us to find any sudden slips by and directing is given if there should arise an occurrence of such conditions.

We, at Gurus Educational Institute, professionally sustain each part of the required qualities in students with the goal that they can accomplish their point of being chosen for the head institutes of engineering and medical sciences in India. We attempt to go past the standard errands of classroom instructing and try to screen student constantly from the getting a handle on of ideas to their fruitful execution with the goal that we can build up the correct state of mind for reliable and result-situated hard-and shrewd work on student’s part. Students need to make admission to Premiers institutes their academic mission and unimportant reasoning about focused exams won't go extremely far.

We guarantee complete observing and improvement of student’s as everybody with us has a typical expect to get qualified in designing and medicinal placement tests. Result-situated and pleasant employees instruct ideas to students’s in a way that empowers them to apply the ideas in a smooth and time-proficient way.

IIT Coaching Center in Andhra Pradesh

We offer incorporated courses to understudies that set them up for board/school and focused placement tests. Generally speaking, we are resolved to support each hopeful and be their stepping stool as they accomplish their goals.Our group of staff having over 21 years of corporate showing background in important fields by working at various schools and universities has their own particular aptitudes and systems to enthuse and inject the learning into the psyches of each individual understudy that suits his/her attitude and level of understandability as to influence an understudy to appreciate the jist of the ideas thought in the classrooms.

Trusting each parent should get the vibe of picking the ideal place to put their tyke and may not lament the self decision at all. We make and influence each tyke to feel "home far from home" and in addition make our educating the delight of learning calm.





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Academic Programme

Aim to provide a spectrum of brand and balanced education, which not only prepares the students for public examinations but also gives young people the confidence to achieve success in their adult life.

The important point of Gurus Vidyanikethan is to give a range of expansive and adjusted training, which readies the under studies for Open examinations as well as gives youthful era next the certainty to make progress in their later grown-up life. Most of the fulltime senior educators satisfy indispensable part of Gathering guides and additionally preparing themselves to execute over every one of the offices, our approach of conveying the products of Data innovation to all understudies.


Short-Term Goal

  • • Achieving 100% results in the NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS
  • • Providing learning environment to develop multi skills through add-on programs in line with global needs.
  • • Organizing programs on personality development and entrepreneurship to foster leadership qualities.
  • • Encouraging students to participate actively in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • • Helping students to enhance their communication and soft skills.

Long-Term Goal

  • • To set up an examination establishment to embrace quality research and formative works in all orders.
  • • Develop a campus which promotes higher learning and research.
  • • Create synergy to accomplish excellence
  • • Foster a harmonious and cordial relationship among the management, faculty and students for their growth and for a congenial environment in the college.

Sailent Features

  • • To adopt the approach of Child-centered participative self-learning and rationalization of the content
  • • Focus on strong communication skills
  • • Development of thinking and reasoning ability
  • • Focus on Environmental Learning - to know, to do, to live together, to be
  • • To sensitize the child to Life skills
  • • To create awareness towards Disasters and ways to counter
  • • To impart Value education

Quality Policy

We strives to establish a system of quality assurance to continuously address, monitor and evaluate the quality of education offered to students, thus promoting effective teaching processes for the benefit of students and making the college a centre of excellence.